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Elmer Program

Our Elmer Program

GSARA is happy to announce the beginning of the Elmer Program. What is an Elmer? Good question. Here is the definition of an Elmer from the ARRL site:

“Elmering or mentoring has long been the backbone of Amateur Radio. While technology constantly evolves, the human interaction between hams will not be replaced and will always remain one of the hobby’s strongest traditions. As licensed hams we are all ambassadors of Amateur Radio and we should always be looking at ways in which we can welcome newly licensed hams and project a positive image that will attract others to ham radio.”

An Elmer is someone that is willing to offer his or her expertise about something.  Getting into ham radio is sometimes overwhelming and you need a guiding hand.  At GSARA, we are offering those hands to you.

Here is our list of Elmers:

Cy – K2CYS:  Need help with setting up and using your digital mode station?  Need ideas about logging software?  Need to know how to use your radio?  What is operating ‘split’ anyway and how in the world should I lay out my shack?  These perplexing questions all have answers!  Cy can help:



Bill – NJ2H

As a former Power Engineer, my expertise is :

  • Shack RF grounding / bonding
  • Shack and whole-house AC grounding
  • Circuit loading and protection; wire sizing
  • Lightning protection
  • Generator selection and installation


I answer questions only – I’m not a licensed electrician and I don’t sell anything.

Permits and inspections may be required for some electrical work.


My shack is available for hams who want to see how all of the above are done.



Matthew Bregoff, W2AOJ.
Home address: Matthew Bregoff, 403 Berger Ave. Oakhurst NJ 07755.  Phone: 732-660-0203 Cell: 732-299-5394
Advanced class license in 1951
Email address:

Profession: Retired Electronic Engineer specializing in the design of solid state power supplies for 40 years

If anyone has any questions about any type of power supply or needs assistance in trouble-shooting a failed supply I would be glad to help.

About w2xyz

I find everything interesting and am willing to discuss anything. I may opinions, but I'm always open to new ideas and would enjoy hearing your thoughts about topics.


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