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GSARA - The Garden State Amateur Radio Association, License Testing Schedule, Major Club Events

VE Sessions – Get Your Ham Radio License



The GSARA will test you for your ticket!  To find out the dates, simply go to this link and fill in the relevant info.  You want to locate the entry that looks like this:


    05/23/2015 | Tinton Falls NJ 07724

    Sponsor: GSARA
    Location: GSARA Hamfest @ MOESC (MAECOM)
    Time: 11:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
    Learn More

    Notice that it says Tinton Falls.  That’s the GSARA.  Put the date in your calendar.  Study up.  Soon you will be radiating RF and talking to new friends.  See you on the air!

How to Study for your Exam(s)

There are tons of materials to help you get your license.  Here are some links to help you begin your journey into the wonderful world of ham radio:

ARRL License Manual

Ham Test Online


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