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GSARA Book Library

GSARA Library Catalogue

ARRL Handbook 2013 (W2XYZ)


ARRL Handbook 2011 (N2LXM)


Practical Antenna Handbook 3rd Edition (KE2V, W2OD, W2XYZ)


Practical Wire Antennas (W2HTS)


ARRL VHF Digital Handbook (W2HTS)


Amateur Radio on the Move (W2HTS)


Emergency Power for Radio Communication (W2HTS)


ARRL RFI Book 2nd edition (W2HTS)


ARRL RFI Book 3rd Edition 2010


ARRL Operating Manual (N2LXM)


Tune in the World with Ham Radio 1981


ARRL Film Collection: “A History of Ham Radio in the 20th Century”


In Memoriam W2GSA Robert W. Morris 1916-1943 [5 copies]


A Concise History of Fort Monmouth, N.J.  and the U.S. Army CECOM 2009 (N2LXM)


Landmarks, Memorials, Buildings, AND Streets of Fort Monmouth 2009 (N2LXM)


Commanding Officers of Fort Monmouth 2009 (N2LXM)


National Radio News Four Issues: April 1930, November 1929, December 1929, July 1929 (N2LXM)


ARRL Instruction Manual  for Technician License Classes 2011


ARRL 100 Years– Hudson Division Award Luncheon (N2LXM)


Ameco Advanced Class Radio Amateur License Guide 1980 (Silverman)


ARRL General Class License Manual 2004


ARRL  WAS Map and US Amateur Radio Bands 2007 (4 dozen copies available)


The Nifty Miini-Manual FT-450D


Yaesu FT-450D Operation Manual


Icom IC-718 Operator’s Manual


LDG Electronics–AT-2000 Pro Automati Antenna Tuner Manual Version 1.1


The World of Amateur Radio [various dates 1988–1991] Phil Petersen W2DME


B&H Photo, Video, Audio Catalog (no date) (Alan Sherman)


Imprint Apparel Bags and Caps Catalog 2011


Adpro  Imprintable Apparel 2012


Get on the Air with HF Digital 2011 ARRL (Bill NJ2H)


ARRL Extra Class License Manual (WA1PCY  Len)


The Radio Amateur’s Microwave Communications Handbook (Mike K1MH)


The Packet Radio Handbook, 2nd edition  (Mike K1MH)


APRS Moving Hams on Radio and the Internet (Mike K1MH)


Testing Digital Video (Mike K1MH)


The Guide to Digital Television, 2nd. Edition (Mike K1MH)


Telecommunication Transmission Handbook, 2nd. Edition (Mike K1MH)


ARRL Repeater Directory 2006-2007 large print desk edition (Richard N3RB)


Repeater Directory ARRL 2012 small edition (W2NIR Alan)


Repeater Directory ARRL 2013 small edition (W2NIR Alan)


ARRL Operating Manual (Len  WA1PCY)


ARRL 1987 Handbook  (Len WA1PCY)


ARRL 1979 Handbook  (Len WA1PCY)

Repeater Directory ARRL 2012 small edition (W2NIR Alan Sherman)

Repeater Directory ARRL 2013 small edition (W2NIR Alan Sherman)


ARRL Operating Manual (Len Kline WA1PCY)

ARRL 1987 Handbook  (Len Kline WA1PCY)

ARRL 1979 Handbook  (Len Kline WA1PCY)

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