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W2GSA Story

In Memoriam ~~~W2GSA ~~~ Robert W. Morris, Lt. (jg) Aug. 23, 1916-Oct. 24, 1943 John P. King KA2F OCTOBER 2013 This is the story of W2GSA, Bob Morris, the ham who gave his call sign to Garden State Amateur Radio Association, W2GSA. It tells of his life and how it came about that his call … Continue reading

GSARA Library Catalogue

ARRL Handbook 2013 (W2XYZ)   ARRL Handbook 2011 (N2LXM)   Practical Antenna Handbook 3rd Edition (KE2V, W2OD, W2XYZ)   Practical Wire Antennas (W2HTS)   ARRL VHF Digital Handbook (W2HTS)   Amateur Radio on the Move (W2HTS)   Emergency Power for Radio Communication (W2HTS)   ARRL RFI Book 2nd edition (W2HTS)   ARRL RFI Book 3rd … Continue reading

Arek AC2FC

The Shack of WA1PCY – Len

VE Sessions – Get Your Ham Radio License

VE TEST SESSIONS AT GSARA The GSARA will test you for your ticket!  To find out the dates, simply go to this link and fill in the relevant info.  You want to locate the entry that looks like this: EXAM SESSION 05/23/2015 | Tinton Falls NJ 07724 Sponsor: GSARA Location: GSARA Hamfest @ MOESC (MAECOM) … Continue reading

Our Elmer Program

GSARA is happy to announce the beginning of the Elmer Program. What is an Elmer? Good question. Here is the definition of an Elmer from the ARRL site: “Elmering or mentoring has long been the backbone of Amateur Radio. While technology constantly evolves, the human interaction between hams will not be replaced and will always … Continue reading

Equipment Library

The Garden State Amateur Radio Association has a club filled with people who are willing to lend out – with arrangements made strictly between lender and lendee and not involving the club in any way – a variety of equipment. The list is included in the link to the Excel Spreadsheet that can be downloaded … Continue reading

K2CYS – Cy


Our Members’ Shacks ‘n Stuff